Gill Evans
Chartered Counselling Psychologist
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What is Psychology?
Psychology is a combination of science and practice. Psychologists are interested in how people act, react and interact as individuals and in groups.
Why do we need psychology?
Many of the problems faced by the modern world are rooted in human behaviour, so psychological knowledge can help us to find solutions.
Who can be a psychologist?
At present anyone can call themselves 'a psychologist', whether they have any qualifications or not. But to be called a 'Chartered Psychologist' you have to have your qualifications and training recognised by The British Psychological Society. This title means that the person has been deemed 'fit to practice'. This takes at least six years - three as an undergraduate and a further three in postgraduate education or training.
Types of psychologist
There are several main types of psychologists, depending on their specialist postgraduate qualifications or training: Clinical, Counselling, Educational, Forensic, Health, Occupational, Neuropsychologist, and Teaching & Research.