Gill Evans
Chartered Counselling Psychologist
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Counselling Psychology
Counselling Psychology is firmly rooted in the discipline of Psychology, whilst emphasising the importance of the therapeutic relationship. It is a relatively new branch of applied professional psychology, concerned with the integration of psychological theory with therapeutic practice.
A Counselling Psychologist is able to help with a broad range of individual and social problems. Direct client work may be provided to individuals, couples, families or groups according to the particular training and experience of the Counselling Psychologist.
Counselling Psychologists are competent practitioners of Psychological Therapy, with a formal understanding of the three major theoretical theories of therapy (Psychodynamic, Humanistic, Cognitive-Behavioural) and practitioner training in at least two of these.
Many people find counselling helpful when faced with difficult stages in their normal life cycle such as career changes, loss and bereavement or crisis points in relationships. Others look to Psychological Counselling to help alleviate distress whether from pressures of living or through long-standing problems that have proved resistant to change. Counselling Psychologists are trained in modern psychological methods to help you resolve fears, panics and anxieties, and to help you break through depression or other forms of sadness.
Personal problems can have a way of taking over. You might find yourself repeating the same old pattern, or you might feel stuck and uncertain what, if anything you could change. Sometimes having someone to talk to is all that it takes to cope.